Saturday, March 12, 2005

Coralville: Porkforest Leaders AWOL

This is hardly a big surprise (from the Iowa City Press-Citizen):
If the business partnership between Coralville and the rain forest project were a dating relationship, the couple's conversation would have grown stale, and they wouldn't be able to remember their last deep discussion.

Those are the sentiments of Councilor John Lundell, and he's calling for city and The Environmental Project leaders to sit down and have a "heart-to-heart" -- getting a full update on the project's progress and finances. Lundell tried to recall the last time the council received a detailed update from the project.

"I don't remember at all how long it's been," Lundell said. "So that tells you something."
Yeah, where's David Oman? He's been saying the same lines for over 5 1/2 years concerning private investors.

It's long past put up or shut up time. I think Oman is little more than a politically-connected (Republican) con artist. A modern day Professor Harold Hill when it comes to this rainforest project.

And these amateurs running Coralville's city government are a bunch of pathetic losers and wimps. They need to get a friggin clue that they're being taken for a ride by a bunch of outsiders. No other city in Iowa wanted the rainforest!!! Doesn't that give the Coralville city council some leverage? Coralville should call Oman's bluff, and if Oman continues to plead for more time they should simply reject the rainforest and consider redeveloping the parcel with something else.