Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Private Funding

I took the wayback machine to October 8, 1999 and discovered the following bit about private funding of the PorkForest:
That investment will require a five-year commitment from multiple funding sources, including:

• Private funding ($10 million has already been committed)

• Local governments

• State of Iowa
Fast forward 5 years later (November 2004) and guess what? The project still only has $10 million in private funding committed!

So David Oman, Ted Townsend, and the gang have had over 5 years to get that number beyond $10 million and they've gone nowhere except getting fauxscal conservative Chuck Grassley to give $50 million in deficit-financed money to fund the project.

And don't forget about last August when the Register reported that the PorkForest raised $565,000 in donations (all from Ted Townsend), but spent $600,000 doing it!