Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Opposing Pork or Opposing Science? Well, if you believe this column from the Iowa City Press-Citizen, opposing the Pork Forest is the equivalent of being against teachers and professors doing research.

Random Mentality comments on this rather hefty leap of logic by saying:

The "implication" is not that we should sacrifice research to education. To take the specific case of the fake rainforest in Coralville, we simply wish serious scientists would conduct your research at already-existing fake rainforests, like the one in England, in Omaha, or elsewhere. Or perhaps make use of the few remaining real rainforests in South America. I think their economy could use a small boost and it would help save the planet far more than building yet another monstrosity along I-80.

I couldn't agree more. Go check out the rest of Kris's post.