Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Case FOR the PorkForest

No one can put together a persuasive argument like Iowa ex-pat Dave Burge, aka Iowahawk. Today, he has come up with a compelling series of reasons to support the Porkforest, including, for example, this one:
Once completed, the Rainforest is expected to draw millions of yearly visitors from as far as Newton and Muscatine. These visitors will stay at local hotels and eat at local restaurants, leaving generous tips for Iowa City's highly-skilled, highly-educated bellhops and waiters -- 48% of whom have Masters or Doctorate degrees from the University of Iowa. These spendthrift visitors will also pump millions of dollars into the agricultural economy, stopping by local farms to buy a bag of delicious Iowa soybeans. The economic windfall from this non-stop spending will easily offset the tiny number of forecasted farmer-crushings resulting from escaped rainforest boa constrictors.

In the interest of fairness, we need to consider his entire article.