Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So Much For The Deadline

Random had a great post concerning Coralville's inability to enforce their own "deadline" with the PorkForest Board.

Now it's time to put the pressure on the Coralville City Council members who refuse to hold the PorkForest Board to any deadline and who continue to allow this unfunded, partially deficit/taxpayer-financed boondoggle to fester while prime real estate goes undeveloped:

Jim Fausett, Mayor
Phone: 319-351-6338
Email: jfausett@ci.coralville.ia.us

John Lundell, Council member
Phone: 319-351-1125
Email: jlundell@ci.coralville.ia.us

John Weihe, Council member
Phone: 319-338-1159
Email: jweihe@ci.coralville.ia.us

Henry Herwig, Council member
Phone: 319-351-3119
Email: hherwig@ci.coralville.ia.us

The other two Council members, Tom Gill and Jean Schnake, are already on the record as being against the Rainforest project.

Lundell said he would side against the Rainforest project after the deadline if the conditions weren't met, but so far that hasn't happened.

All Coralville has to do is get one more Council member to decide to use the land for another purpose, then we can be rid of this joke of a project once and for all!!!

Be nice!!!!

The deadline was Tuesday, September 20th, 2005:

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