Monday, April 25, 2005

The Register Bends Over For The Rainforest

I don't even know how to get my head around this ridiculous pile of words by the Des Moines Register's Editorial Board concerning their blind support of the proposed rainforest in Coralville.

The media, at one point in time, used to act as watchdogs when it came to out-of-control projects that were largely or totally funded by taxpayer money. You know what I'm talking about: Mike Wallace going up to some crooked liar, shoving a microphone in his face, and getting the guy all flustered when questions can't be answered in a straight manner.

How times have changed. Today, instead of asking David Oman to come out of his bunker or Ted Townsend to get off of his treadmill to find out what has been happening for the past six years with regard to additional private fundraising for the rainforest, the Register bends over, sticks their fingers in their ears concerning the obvious scam that is the Iowa Child project, and suggests that taxpayers should pony up more dough through Vision Iowa.

Where are the chuckling columnists who would rib Dr Ted Stilwell endlessly over his boneheaded idea that people would be allowed to camp under the dome of the Coralville rainforest for $42 a night?

Where are the pundits who would take former Guv Ray to the woodshed for his obnoxious and elitist attitude towards those who would dare question the rainforest project?

You newspaper people are wimps, sellouts, and phonies.

Go buy a BS detector or at least change the batteries in the one you used to have. You did have a BS detector at one point in your life, didn't you?