Sunday, March 20, 2005

Letter in the Press-Citizen

Barb Vakulskas of Iowa City had a great letter to the Press-Citizen:
The idea of using the land in Coralville that has been earmarked for the "rain forest project" for a different purpose certainly should tweak the interest of Coralville residents ("Coun-cilors in the dark on rain for-est progress," March 12). This project has served to make Iowa the laughing- stock of the country yet again -- this on the heels of our governor really believing that he was "in the running" for vice president followed by our secretary of state dragging his partisan feet on declaring the 2004 presidential race for Presi-dent Bush.

Iowa doesn't need any more of this type of publicity. Please, residents of our beautiful state, join me in writing to Sens. Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin, and tell them to release the promised government funds for this joke of a project and let another state become a laughingstock for a change.