Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More Comments

There are some interesting comments following the Corvis post from yesterday which I'll address here.

The Englert's original restoration budget was $2 million and it was hoped to be completed by summer 2001. It ended up being $5.2 million and December 2004.

I would considering applying the same scale to the current Rainforest numbers for a more realistic projection, especially because so much taxpayer money is involved.

Unlike the Englert, which I personally contributed money and time to see it restored, I don't see anybody contributing their own money to get the Rainforest built - at least not willfully.

And the "break-even" attendance figures that Oman cites for the Rainforest, averaging out to between 3500 to 4000 a day, are simply unrealistic.

Adventureland, which will be open 114 days in 2005, had appx 500,000 people in 2004. That's an average of almost 4400 per day. Adventureland is on the edge of a metro area with nearly half a million people and, ha ha ha, right next to I-80.

I don't know anybody, particularly families, who drive on I-80 without a plan. Maybe there are some vagabonds, transients, bums, and RV owners who do. Let them pay for the Rainforest.