Wednesday, December 06, 2006

David Roederer Wants An Endless Supply Of Pork For Earthpark

Yes, I know that Iowa Child changed their name to or whatever it is these days, but I had to highlight that David Oman and his band of con artists is letting the domain expire after having it since 1997. That's a stupid thing to do. Only spammers or pornographers will grab that domain on the aftermarket. Might as well spend the $10 a year and keep it redirecting over to whatever they're going to call it in the future.

Meanwhile, a reader forwarded this article from the December 1st edition of the Des Moines Register:
Iowa's economic development leaders said Thursday that they want lawmakers to re-establish a state destination program like Vision Iowa, develop a plan for recruiting, retaining and retraining workers, and allow cities to use eminent domain powers in urban renewal areas...

...Addressing criticism that programs like Vision Iowa tend to favor large cities, [David Roederer, executive director of Iowa Chamber Alliance] said incentives shouldn't be determined by size, "but determined by the vision of the community and local support to pull it off."
I remember during Vilsack's veto of anti-Kelo eminent domain legislation (which was later overridden by the Iowa Legislature) that every larger city in Iowa with a chamber of commerce sided with him and embraced civic thuggery. All these unelected, hoity-toity chamber members wanted to preserve a city's ability to condemn perfectly good property and give it to their lawyer friends or some out-of-state developer in order to build more strip malls and crap like that.

More important is that everybody should already know that David Roederer is about as big of a Republican in Iowa as it gets. He was the chairman of the 2004 Bush/Cheney campaign.

So do you think Roederer is acquainted with David "Con Artist" Oman and former Gov Robert "Filthy" Ray and Senator Chuck "Weasel" Grassley? Gee, ya think?

Can you figure out where I'm going with this?

You've got to love part about how incentives shouldn't be determined by size. What do you think Roederer is talking about there? It can only be one thing: A source of funding from gambling casinos for David Oman's Earthpork project.

Let's stop these Republican thieves and liars from further ripping off the public.