Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Iowa Pork Forest is a website dedicated to the examination of what was once called Iowa Child, and is now called the Iowa Environmental/Education Project. This is the project, headed by Des Moines businessman Ted Townsend, to construct an 18 story indoor rainforest in the Iowa City/Coralville area.

This site probably wouldn’t exist were it not for the fact that this project received $50 million in taxpayer money in the 2003 Federal Omnibus Appropriations Bill. The politician that slipped this “pork” in there? Senator Charles Grassley.

Those of us who contribute to this website would likely have given Iowa Child scant attention, other than an occasional bit of criticism on the foolishness of the project, were it being financed entirely with private money. Now that it has received public money, we intend keep an eye on how that money is used.

Finally, the contributors to this website are: Cedar Pundit, Jeff Cordts, Don Cordts, and Chad Nicholl of Tusk and Talon, Jason Steffans of Antioch Road, Royce Dunbar of Iowa Libertarian, and David Hogberg of Cornfield Commentary.